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The 'universal' adapter style is designed for units that don't have a replaceable sliding vent door like the Kamados do.

Both variants of the Universal Adaptor are 70mm / 2.8" long and have a female coupler to insert the Smartfire Controller into on one end, and the the other end has a male 1" BSP pipe male thread to make it easy to screw tight some lock nuts on either side of a pit wall or connect into other ball valve adaptors.

The 'Dual Thread' variant also features a female 3/4" BSP thread on the inside of the pipe end that has the 1" BSP on the outside. This provides two methods to connect the adaptor to your pit. This is ideally suited for Weber/WSM/ProQ folk who instead of drilling a 35mm hole want to connect through the bottom air inlet daisy wheels. It's a little more expensive as the more complicated design has to be machined from solid stainless steel pipe!


Universal Adaptor (Standard) is Designed For

- Offsets, such as Radar Hill Smokers


- Custom smokers that may be using a BSP ball valve (BYO 2" to 1" adapter as required)

- Weber kettles


Dual Thread Universal Adaptor is Designed For


Bullet style smokers with daisy wheel air inlet(s) near the charcoal basket, ie:

- ProQ Smokers, such as the Elite series

- Weber Smoky Mountains



Using It

To use it, you simply insert the Smartfire Controller into the precisely machined female adapter end - which is of the same dimensions as other draft control units.


If you're drilling a hole, use of this adapter this does require careful location of a ~35mm drill hole that won't disturb ash but isn't too close to the main fire.

Daisy Wheel installation requires use of a round file to increase one of the daisy wheel holes to ~20mm. You'll also need to block the other three unused holes, the recommendation is cut small tear drop sized pieces of tin and insert between the daisy wheel and the BBQ wall. Purchase a 15mm to 3/4" BSP male plumbing adaptor and 15mm lock nut. Insert the 15mm end through the daisy wheel and attach the lock nut on the internal side. Attach the Dual Thread Universal Adaptor to the 20mm / 3/4" BSP.

Technical Information

- It's 70mm / 2.8" long and as a 1" BSP pipe it has the outer dimension of 32mm / 1.28". Both have a 1" BSP male thread on one end.

- Dual Thread version also has a female 3/4 BSP thread on the inside of the 1" BSP end.

- On the pit facing end, there is a 1" BSP male thread that is 30mm / 1.2" long. If you choose the optional stainless steel lock nuts (each 10mm wide), this allows for up to 10mm thick pit walls. If you have thicker walls, its possible to make your own tubing to go through your pit and then join it to the Smartfire universal adapter with a 1" BSP coupling adapter.

  Questions? Like to see how others have installed theirs?

Checkout the Smartfire Owners group on Facebook, there are plenty of posts about how they've installed theirs and friendly tips on use!


- It includes a red plastic plug to seal the adaptor when you do not have the Smartfire Controller plugged in. Note, only heat resistant to ~80C / 180F so let the fire die down before plugging it in and pull it out before lighting the fire!

- Care should be taken that live fuel or ash doesn't fall into the adaptor (particularly when the Smartfire is plugged in!). It's recommended to use the circular fire grate that WSM and ProQs come with to keep the charcoal well away. Weber users can also put a water or sand tray in above where the adaptor has been installed.

Pricing available on request